Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Melting down Relaxation workshop

Melting down Relaxation workshop, 10th September: Great opportunity to de-stress unwind and relax from all the stuff we might have accumulated and to take us to a good place in the Summer. A time just to let it go and enjoy.  Join us :-)

Yoga Sutras Workshop is back

Yoga Sutras Workshop is back: In this workshop Regina Padma Rintchen will show you how to link these ancient teachings to your practice of asanas(yoga seats or poses) pranayamas kriyas( cleansing exercises) mantras mudras(yoga gestures)and meditation. 3h of a precious guide that will transform your practice and will help to understand more about what we do and how we do in the yoga classes. You will be surprised to see that it yoga is much vaster than movements and music... Those 8 sutras are Regina’s favourite as well as a sort foundation for her whole yoga path. Don’t miss this yoga workshop! If you are a yoga lover, you’ve got to come across Patanjali Sutras somehow. That's your chance! Book online: www.stamfordyoga.co.uk

Monday, 15 August 2016

Vajrasana in the sky

Any asana is sacred. All yoga poses consecrate our material nature. They reveal our true nature all the time. There is not a single pose that is not divine. However one of them will have now my special attention. Vajrasana also known as the diamond pose because of Buddhist influences. It is said that the Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree on a Vajrasana or on a diamond seat. However Vajrasana is also known by the Hindu tradition as a thunder or lightning and also as power or powerful.

 According to my teacher Carlos Eduardo Barbosa, when we are born a ray penetrates us through the ajna chakra located in between the eyes, goes all way down through the spine inside a canal called Vajra nadi or Sushumna nadi until the bottom. Down there it becomes a fiery serpent that sleeps as an enrolled shape until our death. Our kundalini, right? Then it gets released out and moves up to be reabsorbed back by the Universe. In the north of India it’s believed that this seat is made of the same substance that composes the thunder.

Now let’s see what prof Carlos says about this pose related to Buddhism and Hinduism. The Dorje in Buddhism represents a celestial stone made of steel or diamond that symbolizes the power of compassion and the vastness of the sky. Both words steel and sidereal sends us back to the sky. From the sky dust comes the steel. Dorje also tells us that the strength of the sky is handy to us.  
When mentioning this pose Gheranda Samhita focuses on the settling of kundalini. Our heels symbolize the lightning as a protection around kundalini for her to be able to move up towards the top of the head. It’s said that this kundalini is a Goddess that we receive on we are born. She is supposed to move up through the spine that symbolizes the thunder.
After all these ideas that surround Vajrasana I can only think that this pose shows us ourselves as a deep and powerful connection between Earth and Sky. And this empowers us much more than we can possibly think. Our bodies as a guardian of an immense electrical power such as a lightning and a thunder.
I often like to sit in this pose as it feels very comfortable. It also helps my spine to lengthen up and the bones and muscles to rest still. I sit in Vajrasana for teaching, meditating, also for resting in an upright position. This pose is clearly a special one as it move us up from the basic chakra to samadhi in the sahashara chakra. Our duty however when sitting still in a Vajrasana is to turn our body into a sidereal space, open, unlimited, inexhaustible, strong, powerful and bright. Yoga, as a tool to light up our material layer, to make it sacred, to transform it into a temple where everything we do is following our own swadharma.    


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Reaching for the Sun yoga workshop

Reaching for the Sun: This is our II Yoga Fundamentals Summer Workshop aiming to help us to deconstruct Sun Salutations Surya Namaskar - and some important poses in our practice. Lets celebrate the Summer season in a special way!

III Family Yoga

III Family Yoga: Yoga is good in so many ways for all ages. Children get calmer but also active and concentrated adults improve their flexibility strength and peace and everybody laughs a lots -) Come along!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Suporting Democracy in Brazil

                                                                                            Sunday, 31st July, all over the world people will be protesting against the current coup in Brazil. My way of protesting will be with a yoga and meditation practice for peace and for the restoration of Democracy in the country. Please join me if you can. By the Brazilian Embassy, at 3pm, outdoors yoga practice, weather permitting. It's free. Bring you mat, bring your peace!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Retreat - South of France - A holiday for your body mind

Retreat - South of France - A holiday for your body mind: This retreat program is about creating a holiday for your body mind and soul.
Shorter option from 15th to 18th September now. Prices in euros: 375 for the single room, 275 for the shared room and 225 for the shared mezzanine. Come along! New dates and prices. Check online please!